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Arkansas Football Countdown: 90 Days

Colton Miles-Nash's moment of glory


Colton Miles-Nash was responsible for what, in the moment, was one of the most thrilling plays in Razorback history.

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For one breathtaking moment, it looked like the Razorbacks were about to pull out an absolute football miracle.

After scrapping their way back into the game with a flurry of field goals and a safety, it looked like the Hogs had simply run out of time. But then


I was watching in the living room, refusing to get too excited during the comeback, thinking the Hogs would just break my heart again, but when Miles-Nash blocked that punt, I started jumping around, screaming and everything, and watched the ensuing series about a foot from the screen with my hands on my knees, knowing with all my heart Arkansas was about to win that thing.

Aaaand we'll leave it at that. Miles-Nash played up through the 2012 season. He was shifted to offense and then back to defense in 2012, when he made 14 tackles through out the year.

No one is assigned to #90 at the moment. We assume it will be on the back of a freshman in the fall.