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And The Best Razorback Team of 2013-14 Will Be?

Some speculation and some polling about which team will have the most success come next year.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Last week I asked the poll question of which team were you most disappointed in from last year's year of living disappointed with our Hogs. With over two hundred votes, the football team (what I suspected) came in at 54 percent as the biggest disappointment of the 2012-13 season. Next was equal disappointment at 21 percent, then baseball (my choice) at 19 percent. Finally, and I think this probably says more about a ho-hum feeling setting in with the basketball team than pride in last year's no tournament outcome, basketball at four percent.

This week I want to turn to the future and see what you think about the prospects of the three major sports for 2013-14. Knowing that neither of the teams is bringing back a ton of experience and one team is having a coaching transition, expectations, how do we say, shouldn't be through the roof. Take football for instance, the pre-season magazines are all putting the Hogs to finish at the bottom of the SEC West with one conference victory. The media and coaches will most likely in a few weeks say about the same thing. Well, whatever! I like to think we just might surprise a few people and make our way to a bowl game in the end.

So here is the question for this week. Which team (baseball, basketball, football) do you think will have the best season compared to the others come 2013-14? My guess is, drum roll, the football team. Alex Collins, a new and much improved coaching staff, a group of young men sick of losing, they are some of the reasons I think so. Basketball, I don't see any reason why to think we'll win some road games next year. But I sure would like to see Mike Anderson and company get that figured out. Baseball, well, Todd Butler's departure for Wichita State gives me some hope, but yeah, it is going to be a rebuilding year still.

As always, leave some comments if you have them.