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A Year of Living Disappointed: The Hogs in 2012-13

Which of the three major sports disappointed you the most this year?

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The baseball season concluded the weekend before last with a 4-3 loss to Kansas State thus bringing to an end the 2012-13 year of Razorbacks sports. One could easily say, mercifully so, when it comes to the three major sports of football, baseball, and basketball. Brief reminders, as if you need them: The football team started off ranked in the top ten and then took a crash dive out of the polls with a loss to ULM and a 4-8 season to follow where the Hogs looked like keystone football players with much fumbling and lack of tackling. Basketball was a tale of two teams, one that could win at home and one that couldn't win on the road and was not invited to the NCAA tournament, yet again. The baseball season started with a pre-season number one ranking that was followed by a year of over-all good play in the SEC, but also a poor out of conference record and all around lack of hitting, especially clutch hitting, and a poor regional showing (lost to Bryant -where is that again?) that ended the season in Manhattan, Kansas.

Not a year that we'll look back to with much fondness at all. I am trying to put it behind me, and in doing so I've been thinking about which team's season am I most disappointed in. And I thought it would be a good poll question as well, so I've included one for you at the end of this post. And I welcome you to chime in on why you were most disappointed in one over the others.

Right now, and maybe in part because it is the freshest hurt, I am most disappointed in the baseball team. Ending last year in Omaha, so close, and then beginning this year ranked pre-season number one and ending the year with eleven guys drafted off the team, the most ever for the Hogs, I just thought Dave Van Horn's club underachieved this year more than the other two teams. Sadly, I've gotten somewhat used to the basketball team losing on the road, doing poorly in the SEC tournament, and then not making the NCAA tournament. The football team, looking back I can see how foolish I was was to expect a good result after Petrino was fired. Wishful thinking is a powerful force and can knock reason and common sense to the curve. If the Hogs had gone 4-8 with Petrino still in charge, something I can't imagine, then it would no doubt get my vote for most disappointing team of 2012-13.

So what is your choice here amongst crap, turd, and pooh? All disappointing, but was one more disappointing than the others?

PS: I know this isn't in the least a positive article. But as fans, we have to deal with what the teams deliver and hope that next year will be better. I'm still hoping.