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Sausage Links - May 8, 2012

Gambling, Brandon Mitchell on the move, Schedule updates and Hall of Fame

Wesley Hitt

College Football is on its way. Anyone know what that means? I will tell you. It means gambling lines are beginning to come out. I feel like it's Christmas, but better. Bud Elliott has some early lines for division winners at SB Nation. This is what I am taking if I am betting these odds. Georgia to win the east is a lock. At +150 that should be easy money, trust me I wouldn't lie to you guys. In the west, don't get creative. Alabama will win it as usual. They don't have the best odds to rake in cash, but it should be easy money. I don't really care about the other leagues, because let's be honest they don't really matter.

Brandon Mitchell has parted ways from the Razorback football team and I am pretty sure everyone knows that by now. The 5 schools being reported, by Joe Schad, for his services are South Florida, NC State, UAB, Louisiana Tech and Northwestern State. If I am Brandon I am going to UAB, hands down end of discussion. He knows the coach and I am almost positive he has enough talent to come in and start. Granted I don't know a single thing about the school except their head coach is Garrick McGee. Mitchell has skills though and I am rooting for him.

According to Matt Jones at Whole Hog Sports, the Razorbacks will start playing TCU in 2016. This will beef up what has been a pretty boring non-confrence schedule (except for Rutgers, you guys kicked out butts).

How in the world was Tommie Frazier not already in the College Football Hall of Fame?! That is ridiculous! Arguably one of the most exciting players ever to play college football and he doesn't make it on the first or second ballot? I don't even like Nebraska, but I know he should have got in his first time around. Rodger Sherman has more on the new hall of fame class. That is like me not getting in the Arkansas Expats Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Just ridiculous. I would call for the NCAA to investigate this, but I am sure they would just screw it up.