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Sausage Links - May 31, 2013

Gordon Gee meltdown, Wrong Anderson, SEC basketball tournament, GIFs

Wesley Hitt

Bret Bielema is apparently a "thug" according to Ohio State president Gordon Gee. Good ole Gordon has made headlines the past few days for making jokes about Catholics and the SEC as a whole. Now he is saying former Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez believed Bielema was a " thug" and no one liked him. I don't know why Gordon just can't play nice. I am pretty sure Gordon might be headed out the door sooner rather than later. He does not seem to be making very many friends latley. Chris Lowe has more on the story. By the way, I am pretty sure Bielema is not a "thug." If anyone keeps up with celebrity breakdowns then they know Amanda Bynes is currently having an epic one. My question is who is having the worst breakdown Bynes or Gee?

Coach Bielema wants former players to come back and support the U of A. I love this move. Bring in some guys that have played in the NFL and let them hang around the current players and some recruits. Love it. Kids want to see what it takes to get to the NFL, and just to have someone to talk to that knows what it takes to get there is priceless. The only problem here is you need to know who actually went to Arkansas and who didn't. Bad news is some grad assistant did not know the difference between Jamal Anderson and Jamaal Anderson (Im guessing it was a GA). Jamaal actually went to Arkansas and Jamal didn't. Easy mistake to make (not really), but I appreciate the effort. Keep up the work Coach B and make the person who wrote the do the teams laundry and take weekly tests on who and who wasn't a Hog. Josh Sanchez has more on the story.

The SEC is in negotiations to find a permanent spot for the SEC basketball tournament. It looks like the final three are St. Louis, Tampa and Atlanta. I would like to be the first to state that I hate all three of these choices. Atlanta already has football so that seems a bit unfair. St. Louis is a cool city, but Missouri just joined the conference. I don't think one year in the conference makes them deserving of the tournament. Then there is Tampa; I like Tampa but it is just to far away. It is an 18 hour drive from Fayetteville, almost 17 hours from Texas A&M and about 13 hours from Lexington. I get that the players fly, but that sucks for fans. By the way if those times are wrong blame MapQuest. So step it up Mike Slive, you're better than this. Whole Hog Sports has more on the story.

I love GIFs. Hilarious little videos that will start your weekend off the right way. Jon Bois at SB Nation has the top GIFs of the week. It's tough to say which one is the best this week. Will Smith has the worst kick of all time, good but not great. Roy Hibbert has the worst in bounds pass of all time, but he is a close two. My number one is Miguel Herrera. I know what you're thinking: Who? I don't know either apparently he is some soccer coach. His excitement gets me jacked up. The main reason I think he wins is that he makes me think of Hacksaw Jim Duggan. If you can get jacked up Duggan style you win 10 out of 10 times.