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94 Days

Every day that number counts down, while fan expectations just go up

(Ed. Note: It's hard to find pics of a Razorback football player in a #94 jersey. So we made the call to go with a pic that better represented what 94 will always mean to many Hog fans. Apologies to Taiwan Johnson. Hopefully he'll get on the field and earn some pics of his own in our database this season.)

#94 Taiwan Johnson is a Redshirt Freshman Defensive End out of Manvel High School in Manvel, Texas.

Taiwan was one of the top 60 prospects in the State of Texas 2 years ago as a High School Senior. He's had a year off to get his feet under him as a college student and as a college athlete. He's primed to take off under Bret Bielema and should be a very exciting prospect on the defensive line for the Hogs. His 6' 3" 245 lb frame should serve him well dealing with the large offensive fronts in the SEC.

Last season must've been a strange feeling for him, because his High School team went to the State Quarterfinals his Junior season and the State Championship his Senior year. He can't be happy with the success this team had on the field and I'm sure he'll hope to be a part of the change to winning form.

Taiwan is not currently listed on most Depth Charts for the hogs, you can hope that a big time prospect like Taiwan will be able to find his way on to the field this year or next and make a big impact for the hogs.

@TJ_WPS94 is his Twitter handle if you want to keep up with what he's saying throughout the season, or congratulate him and give him your support. I already love that he's got WPS built into his handle.

I also want to note the Johnson wears 94, and was born in 1994, which was a pretty good year to remember as a Hog fan (at least in one sport).