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Sausage Links - May 22, 2013

Recruiting, 2012 stats, ESPN hits bottom, SEC's best players

Wesley Hitt

Malachi Dupre is one of the top high school receivers in the country. The Hogs are heavily recruiting the 6-3, 192 receiver. Dupre holds offers to just about every school anyone would ever want to go to. Working in the Hogs' favor is that Dupre is second cousins with Arkansas receivers coach Michael Smith. Richard Davenport at Whole Hog Sports has more on Dupre and his recruitment.

The beloved John L. Smith was, well, to put it nicely terrible. Tyler Wilson and company could never catch the fire that we had seen in years before. The offense was average the defense was way below average. Mr SEC take a look at the stats that mattered in the 2012 SEC season.

I'm afraid ESPN has hit rock bottom with their latest hire. The sports network has hired Paul Finebaum. If you have ever heard Finebaum on the radio or television before than you know he is an idiot (unless your an Alabama fan). Basically all he says is Alabama Rules! You Suck! SB Nation has more on the hire.

Bleacher Report has ranked the SEC's top 50 players. How they do not rank last year's Heisman Trophy winner as number one is a little surprising. I mean, come on, he won the award for top player. So shouldn't Manziel be ranked at the top? Oh well not my website. I don't really like the kid anyway. There are three Hogs on the list. I was hoping to see more and think they may have missed on a few, but I guess you have to save room for Alabama, LSU and Georgia.