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What The SEC Network Means For Fans

Tons of business stuff accompanied the announcement, but here's the basic breakdown of what the new channel means for fans.

Kelly Lambert

No more PPV football games most likely. The 2013 PPV will probably be the last one unless the SEC team plays a non conference game on the road against a non-BCS level opponent.

CBS still gets 1st pick of SEC games to televise but no longer has exclusivity during the traditional 2:30 PM CST time slot. It's unknown if this means CBS will begin airing games in prime time.

The SEC Network will have tons and tons of content. Approximately 1,000 live sporting events each year including 45 football games (approx 3 games per week). Basketball, baseball, and other sports will all be prominently featured on the network. Replays of previous events will also be aired. This will help keep you occupied in the offseason.

This isn't the SEC Network will be its own full-time channel. Not just the name given to a few televised games like it has for the last few years. This will be like ESPNU.

Currently, the only cable provider signed up to broadcast the channel is AT&T Uverse. But the channel won't launch until August 2014, and the league is currently negotiating with other outlets. However, if your cable provider doesn't reach an agreement by then, I advise you to move.

They haven't announced exactly how much money it will bring in per school, but rest assured. It's a lot.

Here are full details on the Network.