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Sausage Links - May 15, 2013

Chris Smith's big year, MMA fighter smokes money away, Rainbow Warriors, and funny kid video.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Razorback defensive end Chris Smith looks to have a big season this year. He led all Razorbacks with 9.5 sacks last year and has created havoc as a pass rusher. Smith could have a solid shot at an NFL future. Rant Sports has more on Smith's potential. Smith has a ton of potential. I hope he crushes QB's and makes them cry, especially the guy from Alabama so his girlfriend will leave him and come date me. Katherine Webb I am waiting. Chris Smith hook me up buddy.

I don't really ever talk about MMA. I only know like two or three people who fight and I don't know much about it. Then I hear Pat Healy (never heard of him) had to forfeit his win and about $130,000 because he was caught smoking pot. That is ridiculous. If anything he should be given extra money. I don't smoke pot, but if your training consists of getting high, and you go fight and still beat the crap out of a guy. That is just impressive. If I smoked pot, I probably would sit on the couch and eat snickers and beef jerky and blog all day. Here is more on Healy from SB Nation. How can an organization that takes pride out of beating the living snot out of each other care that their athletes smoke pot? I am sure when they're 70 smoking pot will be the big problem for their health.

Nothing strikes more fear into an opponent than when you walk up to him and say, "Hey bro. I'm a Rainbow Warrior." Actually that does not strike me with any fear whatsoever. The football team at the University of Hawaii will be going back to using the Rainbow Warrior name for the first time since 2000 according to Peter Berkes of SB Nation. What is a worse name: Rainbow Warriors or Wonder Boys (Arkansas Tech mascot)? I am really not sure. I do know that even though they have horrible names about 95 percent of them could kick my ass. Although I'm pretty sure I could take some of the kickers and punters.

Some people take a look at this video from Kurt Mensching and saw "how sweet!" Not me. I see a baseball player trying to give a ball away and the kid just won't take it. Another way I see it is the kid is trying to get an autograph from the Dodger and the player isn't having it. On a brighter note that kid has one heck of a fast ball. Lane Kiffin is probably getting ready to offer the kid a scholarship to play QB at USC.