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Sausage Links - May 1, 2013

Recruiting update, Kentucky Derby, SEC-NFL Draft recap, McCarron is my hero

Jamie Squire

Nick Glass is getting the love from Razorback coaches. Glass, a safety who is committed to Georgia, said he is receiving dozens of letters from the Hogs. Glass hopes to be able to visit Arkansas in the near future. Richard Davenport has more on Glass at Whole Hog Sports.

If you like to gamble your face off (like me) or just enjoy horse racing here is all you need to know about the Kentucky Derby from SB Nation. I love horse racing, although it is pretty much a guarantee that you will lose money. I have a couple of helpful hints. One, if the horse is white or grey, bet on it. It is a well known fact they always win. Two, if the horse has a name that is similar to a family member don't bet on it (trust me, Doc you owe me some cash by the way). Third rule, pets are not family members they are animals so if the horse has the same name as your dog or cat bet on it. And the last rule, ask the girl next to you who knows nothing about horse racing who she thinks will win. The girl that knows the least always wins the most. Good luck gamblers. Remember don't ever bet more than you can afford to lose, because that is just dumb.

A.J. McCarron is officially my hero. He already gets to date Katherine Webb, who I think we can all agree is smoking hot. Now the Alabama QB gets to drive the pace car at Talladega. I am not even a big NASCAR fan, but driving the pace car would be a dream come true. Cruising around the race track in front of millions of viewers in a sweet car; doesn't get much better than that. ESPN has more on McCarron and his Talladega glory. He also is a National Championship quarterback so that is kind of cool too.

The NFL Draft is over and once again the SEC dominated. Of all the players picked about 25 percent were from the SEC. Total domination. Not surprised though, when a conference wins just about every National Championship it is not hard to figure out they have the best players. Here is a breakdown of the SEC players selected and what they were ranked in high school,from Mr SEC.