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Remember the Fourth of April

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The anniversary of the Hogs' 1994 National Championship was last night. In our memories, Arkansas once again beat Duke 76-72 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scotty Thurman hits that three pointer again. The voices of Jim Nantz and Billy Packer call the game. The Duke Blue Devils truly are blue. Next year it will be twenty, can you believe it?, years since the Hogs were on top of the college basketball world. One sure hopes it doesn't take another twenty years to get back there!

So from all of us here at Arkansas Expats, thanks again 1993-94 Hogs for such a great memory. You created something that will never be forgotten by Razorbacks alive that day and will no doubt be taught to future generations until the Ozarks are but mole hills.

We are curious here to know where were you on April 4th 1994? Take part in our poll and leave any comments / memories about the game you feel like sharing in the comment section. As for myself, I was in Little Rock that night watching it on television at my apartment. I know I must have called my parents. But it is my grandmother I remember calling! She was the biggest Razorback fan in the family at the time. I can still see the live images in my head from Fayetteville of the fans going crazy on Dickson street. The next day, University Avenue was lined with street vendors selling national championship gear. I still have my t-shirt! I bet you still have yours.