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College World Series Bracket Projections: April 4th

Some very interesting and widely different projections came out today.


I'm no college baseball expert. Far from it. I follow the Razorbacks and the SEC on fairly basic level, but I like to think I know weird things when I see them.

Thanks to @Arkansas_Logo on twitter, I was alerted to a couple of College World Series early bracket projections that were released today.

One from College Baseball Daily has Arkansas completely missing the tournament.

I know the Diamond Hogs had a bit of a hiccup in Arizona and lost a home series to Ole Miss, but not making the field of 64? After a road sweep of South Carolina? After winning a series against Mississippi State (who they have hosting a regional)? A team currently ranked in the top 15 or so in the country?

I'm not saying the Hogs don't still have work to do, but it's April. Ignoring the obvious strength of schedule boost Arkansas will get from their remaining SEC schedule is pretty ridiculous, no? The reasoning behind not having Arkansas in the field is a low RPI (you can see that in the comments), but isn't that almost guaranteed to go up with the upcoming SEC games if Arkansas wins some of them?

I'm apparently not the only one thinking like this. Baseball America's projections, also released today, have Arkansas hosting a regional.

Oh and here's something fun: one of the teams they have projected to play in the regional? UCA.

Fun times should be had by all.


Doc Harper is the managing editor of Arkansas Expats and is a regular contributor to College Football News and Sporting Life Arkansas. You can email him hereand follow him on Twitter.