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Sausage Links - April 3, 2013

Recruiting, Defense, Britney Griner in the NBA and Bobby Portis' big night.


Offensive Lineman signee Reeve Koehler will be leaving the beaches of Honolulu to come to the Hills of Fayetteville later this month. He will be headed to Arkansas on the 26th after graduating on the 25. Koehler will have a chance to compete for playing time this upcoming year. Whole Hog Sports has more on Koehler and a few recruiting prospects that may be coming up for a visit soon.

Tonight Hog fans should tune into ESPN to watch the McDonalds' All-American game. Future Hog Bobby Portis will be playing for the West squad. SB Nation has more on the game. It will also be a pre-season game for Kentucky considering their whole recruiting class is playing in the game.

A.J. Turner has a chance to be the best defensive player on Arkansas' defense next year, according to Bleacher Report. They might be right. I hope they are. I love A.J. and he has a nose for the football, but there are some other good defenders coming back as well. Otha Peters, Byran Jones, Robert Thomas to name a few. I sure would love to have a killer linebacker though; so A.J. I am rooting for you.

Baylor's Britney Griner will get her shot at being a pro basketball player. She may even get a shot in the NBA. That's right I said NBA, not WNBA, but NBA. The always entertaining Mark Cuban is not counting out a chance to draft or give her a free agent deal according to ESPN. This is just ridiculous. Everybody goes crazy when Griner dunks the ball like Bobby Petrino at a volleyball clinic. I don't see the big deal though. If I was 6'8 playing against a bunch of girls several inches shorter, you better believe I am slamming a few dunks. If you're 6'8 and can't dunk something is wrong with you. You only need to jump like 5 inches. I do hope she gets a chance though. If anyone saw the girl trying out for the NFL, then you know how hilarious that was. Maybe we can get the same entertainment value if she gets a shot at the NBA.