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Sausage Links - April 24, 2013

Allen is QB 1, New College Football Playoff name, being number 2 and a mid-week break.


Brandon Allen is #1 QB on the depth chart after battling Brandon Mitchell during spring practices. The coaches made the decision following last Saturday's Red-White game. The competition seemed close, but rumors of Allen being number one surfaced throughout the practices. There is a possibility we will see Mitchell start taking snaps again at wide receiver. However, the battle was close and it was hard to tell who was in the lead during the game. Both QB's had trouble throwing the deep ball. The QB battle might be over for now, but don't be surprised if things don't heat up again in the fall.

Fans have been totally losing sleep asking themselves,"What will be the name of the new college football playoff be?". Well, we have our answer. After months of of deliberations and all nighters jacked up on coffee and mountain dew the name has been released. Get ready for it; it shall forever be known as "College Football Playoff." Wow, now that is awesome. I know it is just a name, but really that is the best they could come up with? That is more disappointing than the last episode of Lost and the Sopranos combined. Saturday Blitz has more on the story.

Kevin Durant is tired of being second. This makes me mad for some reason. I would love to be second in anything. I have only been second twice in my life, I think. I was the second child my parents had and in 9th grade I was second in shot put at a track meet. I was happy with both outcomes. With all the people in the world I would be happy with top 1 million and call it a day. Here is more on Durant and it unhappiness from CBS Sports.

It's mid-week and all any sports fan can think about is the upcoming draft. If you are like me you pretty much have mailed everything in and just kinda getting by with the least amount of work as possible. Here is a little worst of the worst by SB nation. This should keep your minds off work and help you stare at your computer a little longer; so the boss man thinks you are deep in thought.