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Sausage Links - March 6, 2013

Texting Recruits, Hogs Still Suck on the Road, and Fighting.


I would first like to say I would love to have this job. CBS' Jeremy Fowler has been told that a certain SEC school is hiring people to text recruits up to 150 times a day, according to his twitter. Is this kind of nuts? I think so, if anyone texted me that many times they would not be my friends and I would consider a restraining order. However, I would love to have this job. All you have to do is text. I don't like talking on the phone all that much so if I could just talk to people over text message and get paid for it, that would be the greatest job ever.

The Razorback basketball team sucks on the road. That is putting it nicely. For some reason, last night's game at Missouri became a 3-point contest within the Razorbacks and nobody won. The only good thing about last night was it was the last road game for the Hogs (not counting the SEC tournament and possibly the NIT). Seriously, Why do the Hogs suck so bad on the road? I don't really care anymore. I just want to pretend like this season never happened. If you are interested on how bad the Hogs suck on the road; here is an article by Rob Dauster at NBC Sports.

I have been to a few hockey games in my life. The best part of the game is without a doubt the fights. However, if I went to a hockey game and saw this fight, I would literally pack my stuff up and walk out. These two hockey players set back the game of hockey 10 years by themselves. Hardly anyone watches the game as is; and that is not what you want to see when you are watching.

The St. John's and Notre Dame basketball teams did something the two worst hockey players couldn't. They rumbled. Notre Dame was thumping St. Johns and they didn't like it; so they got it on like Wrestlemania. Here's the story of the fight by Jon Benne of SB Nation.