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Sausage Links - March 27, 2013

FGCU, Recruiting bits, Henderson goes home crying, RIP Johnny Twitter.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gulf Coast University has single handedly ruined my NCAA tournament bracket, but I don't care. These guys are awesome. They are the exact opposite of that fool from Ole Miss. These guys are having fun dunking and shooting lights out. I have been rooting for the SEC the whole tournament except Ole Miss (because of the moron) and Florida because they are playing my new favorite team this week. On top of the awesomeness of their school being on the beach and their basketball team, their basketball coach is a man I can only dream of. He has a model for a wife, sold a company for around $100 million, coached in the NBA, and now he gets to coach a college team in the NCAA tournament. I want to hate this guy, but I cant. I want to go to FGCU and just learn from him. Here is more on Coach Andy Enfield, and the life that any man would want. I also think if the SEC does expand some more FGCU should get the first call.

Bret Bielema and staff are hitting the recruiting trail hard. They have made up a lot of ground for the services of Georgia Safety Nick Glass. Glass has named Arkansas as one of the eight finalist for his talents. Whole Hog Sports has more on Glass.

I really had harsh feelings about Marshall Henderson. I don't know him and I really don't care too. Everything I thought about him was proved correct after his team lost to LaSalle this past weekend when he acted like a child kicking water bottles and flipping off the crowd. Great job Marshall, you are who we thought you were. Here is the video and a write up from Mr SEC.

One of the more entertaining Twitter accounts is now gone. RIP @JManziel2. That is Johnny Manziel's account. He has had some classic tweets through out his 8 months of being famous. Rodger Sherman of SB Nation pay's tribute to some of his most memorable tweets.