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Sausage Links - March 20, 2013

Beer bracket, New NFL rules, Marshall Henderson is an idiot, Cubs still suck.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

March Madness is here. No one is doing work right now. Everyone is fixated on their brackets and how they will win money or have bragging rights over their friends for the next year. I don't even want to be writing this blog right now, I still have one very important bracket to fill out. Chris Mottram of SB Nation made an interesting bracket determining his winner by proximity to beer breweries. I like his style, I don't like his winners. I am old school when it comes to beer. I don't need any fancy stuff; just a good old classic. Especially when I am watching basketball all day long. I don't need to drink some IPA crap or something I cant pronounce. I want a nice ice cold Bud Light. That's why according to his bracket, I have St. Louis going all they way. Yeah it won't happen, but that is my pick for the beer bracket.

If the XFL ever had a chance to come back it would be right now. The owners ruled that an offensive player can't use the crown of the helmet against defenders in open field. That is just stupid. The lingerie football league is slowly becoming tougher than the NFL. Flag Football is about to make a major come back. I mean what the hell? I don't like seeing anyone get hurt, but I do love seeing a running back truck sticking a DB. ESPN has more on the new rule changes.

Marshall Henderson is an idiot. I hate this guy. He acts like a twelve year old, his latest stunt is about as dumb as all of his previous ones. He pretended to get arrested on twitter than talked about playing 10 games of beer pong. Marshall (who I am pretty sure dreams of being Eminem) could beat me to a pulp in basketball, but I promise my beer pong skills are second to none and I would kill him. I would love to crush this little puke.

There is always next year for the Cubs. It won't be this year it probably won't be another 50 years till the Cubs can make it back to the World Series, Hell I will just take the playoffs. As a Cubs fan it pains me to watch them to continue to falter. There bad luck has continued this pre-season. Ian Stewart, who is already well over paid will be starting the season on the DL. Big shocker here. Here is more on how bad the Cubs will be this season, from Yahoo! Sports.