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Sausage Links - March 13, 2013

Spring practice, Hogs in the NFL, recruiting, smiling while fighting

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Spring practice is here for the Razorback Football team. There should be some interesting battles to watch out for. Brandon Allen and Brandon Mitchell will be competing for the starting quarterback spot, and seeing how Jonathan Williams handles being the front runner as the starting running back should be something else to watch. Graham Watson has more on the Razorbacks this Spring for Yahoo Sports. I wish the fans could see more but Coach Bielema has closed practice to the public so we will just have to wait till the spring game to see some action.

The NFL is going crazy right now with trades and pick-ups. Former Hog Chris Houston is safe. He has signed a new 5-year contract with Detroit. ESPN News has more on the Lions signing Chris Houston. Some former Hogs still searching for homes include Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis.

The SEC better watch out. Tennessee is about to bring some heat to the football field. Apparently they have been asleep the past few years and are about to wake up according to Go Vols Xtra. I am not too worried about these guys. I know Arkansas hasn't been as successful as many fans had hoped either, but Tennessee gets excited every year and every year it turns into disappointment. They do have Coach Butch Jones now, but still not too worried. It does help them that they play in the East though.

If you like to fight: DONT SMILE AT YOUR OPPONENT. You will most likely get your butt kicked. According to Yahoo Sports a study shows that smiling fighters are losing fighters. I don't get into fights, but if I did I wouldn't be smiling. These guys are insane in the first place. They know they are about the get the crap beat out of them and they are smiling. I don't understand why you would want to be a professional fighter anyway. You know most likely you are going to get the crap knocked out of you at some point. Just does not seem like that great of job to me.