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POLL: How Many Games Will Arkansas Win In The SEC Tournament?

Arkansas hasn't won an SEC Tournament game since 2008. Is this the year to break through?

Flying Giraffe in perfect form.
Flying Giraffe in perfect form.
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

When Missouri lost a close game to Tennessee last Saturday, that kept Arkansas in the 7th seed instead of moving up to the 6th seed. That means the Hogs open against hometown (but not home arena, thank God) Vanderbilt.

The Hogs are actually favored to win, and if they do, they move on to face Kentucky on Friday. I'd like to think the UofA students would travel to Nashville just to harass Archie Goodwin because they clearly didn't get enough of that in Fayetteville. Also, John Calipari has made his disdain for the SEC Tournament quite clear in recent years. Will he take it more seriously now that his team isn't a clear cut top team? That will be interesting.

Should Arkansas defeat the Wildcats, they'll likely either play Missouri or Ole Miss on Saturday (with Texas A&M as a dark horse possibility). I'm not sure that there are two teams in the country that deserve a neutral court game against each other as much as Arkansas and Missouri, so personally, I'm rooting for that to happen.

Of course, if Arkansas wins a third game on Saturday, Sunday is the championship game, a game in which Arkansas is 1-4 historically. The Razorbacks would likely face Florida, Alabama, or Tennessee, but really anything can happen by this point since teams are playing so many games in consecutive days. It's a different routine than playing a couple of times a week.

So we'll leave it open to you, how do you think Arkansas will do in the tournament?