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Sausage Links - February 8, 2013

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SEC Domination, Collins, Tenpenny, and the return of Liz Honey.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Signing Day is over, and the SEC went around the country to grab the top talent. Teams did not just stay in the South. They went wherever they wanted and took the players they wanted. Really, who doesn't want to play in the best conference in America? Here is a closer look at where the SEC came and conqured from

Everyone who has seen new Razorback Alex Collins' football highlight film knows he's a beast. Kid can play. Is football his best sport though? Collins might be the greatest lacrosse player I have ever seen. Well, he is the only one I have ever seen (so I don't really know if he is good or not), but that doesn't take away from how badass his lacrosse highlight film is. The film has great music and I am pretty sure Alex is the only player on his team. Strange huh? Take a look at this awesome tape. Jim Brown also played lacrosse, I'm just saying.

Altee Tenpenny decided to stay with his decision to go to Alabama. This was not a surprise. The Alabama appeal is obvious but at Bama, Tenpenny will likely not see the field for a few years. Alabama is loaded at running back and signed several in addition to Tenpenny. He could have come to Arkansas and competed for the starting spot his freshmen year or a number of other school for that matter. Oh well, good luck to Mr. Tenpenny and his future. He would have been a great fit for Arkansas, but I'm pretty happy with the new addition of Alex Collins. The Bleacher Report has more on Tenpenny's choice.

Against my better judgment I am going to post this. Thanks a lot to Rodger Sherman from SB Nation for finding this. What a pal. I hate this woman.

Smoking hot Ashley Judd is a fan of college basketball so is President Obama, but these two are just average joes compared to the newest celebrity to take interest. I will give you a hint. He is green. Need another? He dates a pig. If you guessed Kermit the Frog you would be exactly right. Kermit,or Kermmy as he is known by his lady friends, was spotted at and Oklahoma State game this past week. Thanks to Bill Hanstock for the find.