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Alex Brignoni Signs With The Arkansas Razorbacks!

The Fayetteville safety is officially a Hog!

Joe Robbins

Name: Alex Brignoni

Position: S

Height: 6-1

Weight: 190

Hometown/High School: Fayetteville, Ark/Fayetteville High School

Brignoni is a ball hawking safety that played a big part in the Fayetteville High defense for the past two years. During his junior season, Brignoni totaled 102 tackles and 5 interceptions, he then out did himself as a senior, totaling an unreal 126 tackles and doubling his interception total to 10, leading the Bulldogs in both stats.

He is a part of a large, impressive group of defensive backs that will report to camp this fall. This should make you happy, due to the fact that the secondary was one of Arkansas’ biggest weaknesses in 2012. Brignoni should, at the very least, add some depth to a unit that was inexperienced and plagued by injuries last season, if he doesn’t redshirt. He will join fellow Bulldogs Austin Allen and Brooks Ellis on the Hill this fall.

Alex Brignoni highlights can be seen here.