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Belated Congratulations To Bobbie Williams, Super Bowl Champ!

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A shout out to former Hog, Bobbie Williams

Ezra Shaw

As national signing day nears and all the attention is on the future of our program, I want to take a moment to say congratulations to a player from our past. Last Sunday Bobbie Williams (96-99) earned a Super Bowl ring to go along with the Cotton Bowl ring he earned while playing on the offensive line for the Hogs.

If you are thinking, Bobbie Williams, Bengals right? Well, right and wrong. He has spent most of his NFL career as a guard for the Bengals until recently getting signed to a two year deal with the Ravens. Here is a nice article from a Cincinnati site about Williams and other former Bengals who made it to New Orleans.

Bobbie didn't have a major role in the game, just playing seven snaps on special teams, but he certainly can forever say he contributed to a Super Bowl victory. And said victory marks the 4th straight year a former Hog made an appearance at the Super Bowl. Ryan Mallett (Patriots), Mitch Petrus (Giants) , Tony Ugoh (Giants), Bret Goode (Packers), and Tony Ugoh (Colts).

I had been searching for a reason to root for one team over another and found myself (not knowing about Williams being on the team) siding with the Ravens simply because they had not won as many Super Bowls as the 49ers. Now that I know a former Hog was on the winning side, I am several notches happier that I pulled for Baltimore. Though it must be said that Hog fans have Colin Kaepernick to thank for beating Boise State while at Nevada back in the 2010 season. That win knocked Boise State from being a possible BCS selection and thus helping the Hogs secure a berth in the Sugar Bowl.