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Sausage Links - February 27, 2013

Florida recruiting, Cobi gets left out, baseball cards and the Duck Commander

Chris Graythen

When Coach Bielema said the Hogs would be recruiting Florida hard, many Hog fans were skeptical. The Hogs had never had a large amount of success recruiting in the Sunshine State. The Hogs had plucked out a few including former running back Michael Smith, but never had tremendous success. However, this recruiting class should have changed a few minds. The Hogs snagged highly recruited players Denver Kirkland and Alex Collins from Florida and they hope to continue that success in the future. Richard Davenport from Whole Hog Sports has an update on how Florida recruiting is progressing and a few other prospects from around the country.

ESPN ranked their top 25 players in the SEC from last year and guess how many Hogs made the list? A big fat zero. Tyler Wilson had a rough year so that is somewhat understandable. No Hog running backs had an awesome season, Chris Gragg was injured pretty much all year, and no one else really stood out. Except one. Cobi Hamilton led all receivers with 1,335 yards last season. How in the heck does he not make that list? The guy broke the school record with 90 receptions. Granted he only had 5 touchdown catches, but he made big play after big play that set up touchdowns for others. Both Chris Low and Edward Aschoff think you barley missed the cut. It is ridiculous not to have Cobi on that list.

Imagine buying a baseball card for nearly $3 million and then finding it out is worth only $800,000. I think I would be a little mad. Just a tad. This is the case being argued about the most famous baseball card of all time. The T206 Honus Wagner card. Nick and Colin Barnicle did a 30 for 30 short film on the most famous card in the history of baseball cards. It got me thinking if I could own any piece of sports memorabilia what would it be? It is a tough question, but I think I would take a baseball bat signed by Murderer's Row (1927 Yankees) would be pretty hard to beat or a basketball signed by the 1992 Dream Team. Those might be my top two.

Duck Dynasty is one of the most watched shows on television and the Duck Commander himself used to be one hell of a football player. Phil Robertson was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech before he quit the sport to concentrate on his outdoor activities. Robertson's backup at Tech wasn't too bad either. His back up ended up going into the Hall of Fame after winning a few Super Bowls. You probably know his back up as Terry Bradshaw. Robertson seems to be pretty happy with his decision, but could he have made it to the NFL? A few of his old playing buddies and coaches talk about Robertson back in his college years in Doug Williams article for ESPN Playbook.