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ESPN's Bubble Watch Lists Arkansas

As the SEC goes, it's all about teams with "Work left to do" which is a nice place to be in this season.

Mike Anderson and the Hogs have work left to do.
Mike Anderson and the Hogs have work left to do.
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

For only having one road win and no wins on real neutral courts, it's nice to see Arkansas listed as a team on the rise by ESPN. Florida is the only lock from the SEC, no teams are listed as "Teams that should be in"

Kentucky, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Missouri are with Arkansas in the "Work left to do" category.

Here's the blurb on Arkansas:

Arkansas [16-9 (7-5), RPI: 74, SOS: 85] Every year the bubble brings a handful of teams who come from nowhere, notch a few big upsets, and make us consider the value of recent wins against the entire (ahem) body of work. Arkansas is one of these teams. Since Feb. 2, the Razorbacks are 4-1 with wins over Florida and, most recently, Missouri. They also -- in typical fashion -- lost 67-49 at Vanderbilt. On Jan. 26, they lost 75-54 at South Carolina. So, yeah, there's plenty of work to do here. But the Hogs' surge has led to a couple of quality wins, and at the very least they're on the fringes of the conversation.

ESPN College Basketball Bubble Watch

Not quite a glowing recommendation, and not a lot of talk about what the work is exactly, but the Razorbacks on the court know it starts with Georgia Thursday night.

We'll keep you updated on what ESPN is saying based on the results of the Hogs' games this week.