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Sausage Links - February 20, 2013

Alex Collins is fan favorite, Recruiting, Wonderlic, and WWE

Wesley Hitt

If SEC fans are right then Arkansas signee Alex Collins will have the biggest impact of any SEC Freshmen. Collins won ESPN's SportsNation poll on which freshmen will have the biggest impact in the SEC. I sure hope the fans are right. Jonathan Williams showed last season that he has the potential to have a great season. The combination of Williams and Collins could be exciting for Hog fans the next few years.

Recruiting never ends. It is an over-lapping cycle. Coach Bielema and staff are looking hard at talent across the country but there's a pretty deep class in state as well. Here are a few names and updates on the recruiting front, by Richard Davenport at Whole Hog Sports.

My favorite stat of the NFL Combine is the Wonderlic Test. It really has nothing to do with football. I'm not going to lie I missed two questions, but it was because I didn't feel like doing the math on one and the other I am pretty sure the guy just has the wrong answer. Take a 15 question sample of the test on the Bleacher Report.

Did you take the Wonderlic Test? Well if you did now compare your school to some notable Wonderlic test takers. I like Morris Claiborne's quote, I probably would have said the same thing if I got almost every question wrong. SB Nation writer Louis Bien takes a look at the test.

John Cena is now ranked 9 in ESPN's WWE power rankings. I know what you're thinking. "This has got to be a joke right?" NO. I'm dead serious. I mean who is better than the jort-wearing bad ass? I will accept The Rock at number 2, but Cena at 9 is just unbelievable. Here are the power ranking from Jon Robinson at ESPN. Wow this has just ruined my day. WWE is real though. Right?