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Sausage Links - February 13, 2013

Spring Practice, Portis gets an honor and Dinosaur football

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

The Razorback football team just finished up its latest recruiting class and now it's time to look at spring practice. It will be Bielema's first as the Head Hog and it will be exciting to catch a glimpse of how he will run the team. Steve Eubanks of Fox Sports South takes a look at spring ball for the Hogs. I am most excited to see the wide receivers. I want to see who will step up and separate themselves to be the number one target for whoever the quarterback will be. The quarterback situation will be interesting, but I see that battle lasting till fall camp.

Kentucky Basketball had a rough game last night. They lost their best player Nerlens Noel for the season and according to Les Johns from Kentucky Kernel, they were getting slobbered on. That's right Florida fans got loud and excited and apparently saliva went flying. It is a sad day in college hoops when you have to wear a rain jacket to protect yourself from saliva.

The Razorback basketball team needs help now. Good news for Hog fans is that help is coming; bad news it won't be here until next year. Little Rock Hall forward Bobby Portis will be here then and hopefully will bring his rebounding and defensive skills with him. Portis was recently named to the Jordan All-Star classic. This is one of the top basketball all-star games in the country. Matt Jones of has more on Portis' newest honor.

The only thing I know about dinosaurs is that they are cool. I can't pronounce the names so I don't even try, but Jurassic Park is one of the greatest movies ever. Have you ever wondered, if you could make up a football team with all dinosaurs which ones would play quarterback or linebacker? I know I haven't, but thanks to Spencer Hall from SB Nation I will never have to worry about that question because he has the answers. If you are wondering why you should read this I have the answer. If Scientology folks are right alien dinosaurs (or something like that, i am just going off of what I saw on South Park) could come back and be joining football teams any time now. This will help you get a head start on who to root for.