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Sausage Links - February 1, 2013

Recruiting Predictions, Brandon Allen's Future, Player's Respond to Former Coaches, and Baseball

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Signing Day is less than a week away and predictions about recruits are everywhere. SB Nation's Bud Elliott makes 60 predictions of his own. There is some good news for Hog fans but also some not so good news with his predictions. What in the world is going on with Ole Miss though? Do these kids not watch college football? Will Ole Miss be the next SMU? I don't know what they are doing down there but whatever it is it's working.

Brandon Allen showed glimpses of a bright future when he got thrown into the fire last year and he's now in position to have a great career with Coach Bret Bielema running the show now. Bielema will bring something to the table that Allen did not have last year, a running game. Even when the Hogs where in position to close the game out against Louisiana-Monroe by just running the ball, god ole Paul Petrino decided to throw it. This won't happen with the new coach. This should make Allen or Brandon Mitchell's (if he gets it) job easier. Here is more on the potential of Brandon Allen from Bleacher

Don't expect to see Paul Haynes or Paul Petrino at any Razorback reunions any time soon. It was well documented that they pretty much blasted last year's team for quitting and giving up. This fired up some of the players including Knile Davis and Tank Wright. The former players went to twitter to proclaim their emotions on the situation. Robbie Neiswanger and Arkansas News have more on the player's thoughts. Yeah, last season sucked no denying that. I don't see why these former coaches would come out and say anything though. They both got head coaching jobs out of the deal (somehow). The season is over coaches, now's the time to get over it.

Well Hog basketball sucks. You know it's the truth. Football season was the hardest thing to watch since well, ever. Don't give up though Hog fans. I got good news for you. Baseball is here. The top-ranked Hog baseball team will be scrimmaging this weekend. The best part about it: we can't lose. has more on this weekend's scrimmage.