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Bret Bielema's Final Top 25 Ballot in the USA Today Coaches Poll

The final ballots are made public each year, and we thought it'd be interesting to take a look at our beloved leader's vote. And there are some interesting tidbits. You can check out the poll website here.

I'm sorry I don't think I heard that clearly. He voted us where?
I'm sorry I don't think I heard that clearly. He voted us where?
Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

1. Florida State

2. Auburn

I bet that hurt.

3. Alabama

4. Michigan State

5. Missouri (Final Ranking: 9th)

Interesting. Only three other coaches voted the Tigers 5th. This is not how Bielema traditionally treats a rival school. We'll get to how he treats those he doesn't like.

6. Louisville (16th)

This one's kind of a head scratcher. Bielema's the only coach to vote the Cardinals in the top 10, and he put them all the way up to number six. They were 11-1, but, well, huh.

7. Baylor (5th)

A little high, but not drastic. Kevin Sumlin voted the Bears 9th.(Or 8th, the USA Today site is conflicting.) Aggies have no love for the Big 12.

8. South Carolina

You'd think if there would be a team Bielema would over-rank, it would be the one that rolled 52 straight on him. But no.

9. Stanford (7th)

Kind of surprised Stanford's not higher. We know Bielema loves this style of play.

10. Oklahoma

11. Oregon (12th)

You know, for a guy who professes to hate the hurry-up style of football, Bielema doesn't hesitate to rank them very high. He saves all that healthy bias for someone else....

12. Ohio State (6th)

This. Is. Hilarious. Who gave the Buckeyes the lowest vote Ohio State among all coaches? Bielema! Their next-worst vote is from Art Briles, who voted Ohio State 10th. Everyone else voted them in the single digits. Troll on, Bret. Bielema is clearly SEC material.

I'm sure Bielema felt just awful about this vote. I'd wondered last night if Ohio State had won, if he'd vote for Urban Meyer or Gus Malzahn to be #2. I think this is our answer. I'm starting to think they don't like each other.

13. LSU (14th)

14. Oklahoma State (13th)

15. Central Florida

16. Arizona State (17th)

17. UCLA (18th)

18. Clemson (11th)

Maybe Bielema also feels about Dabo like he feels about Urban Meyer. Along with Ohio State, this is another school who received their lowest vote from Bielema. Perhaps this offseason we'll get some quality Clemson zingers. Arkansas did beat them in basketball this weekend. Maybe that was an influence.

19. Fresno State (20th)

20. Duke (t-21st)

21. Wisconsin (19th)

The Badgers are a little on the low end here but not drastically. 10 other coaches voted Wisconsin 21st, and a couple went for 22nd.

22. Texas A&M (t-21st)

23. Miami (25th)

24. Georgia

25. Iowa (NR)

The man's got a Hawkeye tatoo. He gets a chance to throw them a bone, he does it. Iowa received 30 votes in the poll, so this is justifiable.

Bielema did not vote for Northern Illinois, which finished 23rd. Early mind games for the upcoming game next season? Who knows. Maybe Bielema just doesn't respect MACtion. That doesn't seem like Normal American Football, after all.

And aren't you kind of relieved he didn't include Arkansas? That seems like the sort of thing he'd pull.