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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: 12/2

You got that #SECBasketballFever?

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Hey, Arkansas' got two of the SEC's notable wins!

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Updated <a href=";src=hash">#SECBasketballFever</a>. What a weekend! Record vs ACC/B1G/Big12/PAC/AAC/Big East up to a respectable 11-14! <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Aubrey Bloom (@aubreyrbloom) <a href="">December 2, 2013</a></blockquote>

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1. Kentucky (7-1, RPI 55, LW: 1) Next game: Dec. 6 at Baylor

It will be an interesting match-up between Kentucky’s dribble-drive offense versus Baylor’s zone defense. The Wildcats’ two best wins are Eastern Michigan (RPI 67) and Providence (RPI 69).

2. Florida (6-1, RPI 26, LW: 2) Next game: Dec. 2 at Connecticut

After a solid win over Florida State in the O-Dome over the weekend, the Gators have another opportunity to get a quality win against the Huskies, who are currently ranked 2nd in the RPI.

3. LSU (5-2, RPI 43, LW: 3) Next game: Dec. 14 vs. Louisiana-Monroe

Crucify me if you want to, but I think the Tigers are the real deal. Their two losses are at Massachusetts (RPI 1) and at home versus Memphis (RPI 14). Both were close games. Johnny O’Bryant III is averaging a double-double and is a serious candidate for SEC Player of the Year.

4. Arkansas (4-2, RPI 23, LW: 4) Next game: Dec. 4 vs. Southeastern Louisiana

I feel like the biggest homer putting this Hogs this high, but Arkansas is one of only two teams in the SEC with a win against a RPI top 50 team this year. Enjoy the Razorbacks up here while you can, because they will drop faster than an Auburn defender faking an injury in coming weeks. The Razorbacks don’t play another non-conference game against a RPI top 100 team.

5. Ole Miss (6-0, RPI 66, LW: 11) Next game: Dec. 5 @ Kansas State

The Rebels are hot after winning the Barclays Center Classic. They make the biggest jump in this week’s power rankings.

6. Tennessee (5-2, RPI 138, LW: 7) Next game: Dec. 7 vs. Tennessee Tech

Two good wins against Xavier and Wake Forest demonstrates the Volunteers are on the up-swing. They have three more chances in the non-conference to move up the power rankings with home games against North Carolina State and Virginia, and a road game at Wichita State.

7. Missouri (7-0, RPI 60, LW: 5) Next game: Dec. 5 vs. West Virginia

I couldn’t help but make a giant fart noise when I looked at Mizzou’s schedule up to this point. The fight between the Mizzou administration and the student cheer group "The Antlers" has been more interesting than anything on the court this season.

8. Alabama (3-3, RPI 114, LW: 6) Next game: Dec. 4 vs. North Florida

If you take away their game against D-II Stillman, the Crimson Tide have played one of the toughest schedules in the nation up to this point. However, they don’t have a lot to show for it.

9. Vanderbilt (4-2, RPI 130, LW: 8) Next game: Dec. 2 at Texas

The Commodores two losses aren’t bad (Butler and Providence), but they don’t have any solid wins either.

10. South Carolina (2-2, RPI 90, LW: 9) Next game: Dec. 6 at. Oklahoma St.

If they don’t get beat by 20 in Stillwater that counts as a victory for the Gamecocks.

t-11. Texas A&M (6-2, RPI 193, LW: 10) Next game: Dec. 4 vs. Houston
t-11 Mississippi State (5-1, RPI 186, LW: 13) Next game : Dec. 5 vs. TCU

The Aggies and Bulldogs are tied for 11th this week because they are both 3-0 vs. the SWAC. That is the only positive I could come up with for either team. Also of note, Texas A&M lost over the weekend to SMU, who Arkansas defeated a couple of weeks ago.

13. Georgia (2-4, RPI 346, LW: 12) Next game: Dec. 2 vs. Chattanooga

The only reason the Bulldogs are above Auburn is that they haven’t lost to a Southland Conference school.

14. Auburn (4-1, RPI 338, LW:14) Next game: Dec. 2 at Iowa St.

They haven't lost since losing to a Southland Conference school, but still haven't been impressive at all. Gus Malzahn has a monopoly on any and all good voodoo on The Plains right now, it seems.

RPIs are from Joe Lunardi at ESPN