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Arkansas Razorbacks 102, Tennessee-Martin 56: Locked In


Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since the 2000-01 campaign, Arkansas has scored 100+ points in multiple games in the same season.

That seems crazy.

Of course, it's easy to say Arkansas is just beating up on some bad teams this season, and that's true to an extent, but it's not fair to disregard the level with which the Hogs are dispatching these teams. There's been a lot of cupcakes come through Bud Walton Arena in the last 13 seasons, but few Razorback teams have been able to score this effectively against them.

It takes a pretty complete game to hit 100 points. A brain fart like the first half against Savannah State can make reaching the mark impossible. But for the second time so far this season, the Razorbacks have treated their fans to the kind of performance that's difficult to find much fault.

The team's big men, Bobby Portis, Coty Clarke, and Moses Kingsley, combined for 42 points and 30 rebounds. Clarke also had three steals and two blocks. Kingsley had three blocks in his first career double-double (12 points and 12 rebounds). Rashad Madden and Michael Qualls each pitched in 11 points.

Nobody on the team played more than 22 minutes. The Hogs grabbed 49 rebounds and dished 24 assists on their 42 field goals, and they shot 60.9% from the field. It was too easy.

The Hogs venture back out of the land of 300+RPI opponents on Saturday against South Alabama. It's sort of a tricky game if for no other reason than the Razorbacks traditionally don't play very well in their annual trip to North Little Rock (although, granted, they did wipe the floor with Alabama A&M last season) and South Alabama has played teams pretty closely this season. Although none of the Jaguars' wins have come against great teams, none of their five losses have been by more than 10 points. They've played everybody close, including Gonzaga and Texas. It has the makings of an interesting game.

But for now, it was great to see Arkansas locked in and utterly destroy somebody. When fans worry about the team getting up for bad teams on the road in the SEC, these are the types of performances that give you hope that the team will be able to get up for the game and be able to crush somebody regardless of the game's location.  And a little reason to hope is mighty refreshing.