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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: November 4, 2013 - Longest Losing Streaks, Ole Miss Hate Week, Mike Anderson, Tre Mason

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The Arkansas football program has not had a longer losing skid in my lifetime (Yes, I'm aware I'm only 20, but it's still significant). Sitting at six straight losses, this year's Hogs have matched the program's longest stretch without a win since 1990. Arkansas' severe struggles this season are now somewhat of a discussion starter, prompting fans to state their own team's longest drought without a win. Some of the numbers are astonishing. And so are some of the fan responses.

Straight off the loss from the Gus Bus and Auburn, Arkansas now must travel to Oxford this weekend to take on Dr. Bo Wallace and Mr. Freeze. It's only Monday, but the Ole Miss folks have already brought enough hate for Arkansas to last the rest of the week. It's a complete .GIF war in the comment section, and there's even a picture of Bielema's head photoshopped on Justin Bieber's body. Great work, fellas... Read at your own risk. Some comments are NSFW.

After tipping off a new basketball season last Friday night against Missouri Southern State, Arkansas gave fans a pretty good show. Although the margin of victory was only 17, Arkansas was fairly impressive on offense; defense, however, was optional. Bobby Portis looked as advertised, reeling in a double-double in the first half, and was very impressive. As were several others. Year 3 has always been Mike Anderson's big jump throughout his coaching career. Right now, Hog fans just want to not be mediocre... and maybe, possibly, hopefully even get back to the NCAA Tournament.

Auburn's Tre Mason, yes, the one who rushed for four scores Saturday, was made to look like a Heisman candidate after facing the Arkansas defense. Arkansas seems really good at making opponents look like finalists for the sport's highest honor. But not to worry, Hog fans, Mason has been tearing up defenses all season, and may be taking the spot as top back in the SEC, over the likes of Todd Gurley and Mike Davis.