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LSU Tigers 31, Arkansas Razorbacks 27: It Was There

That one hurts.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

No words, man. Well maybe a few.

It was all right there for the Hogs. I'm sure there will be cliches about how "this team just isn't ready to win games like that" and the like, but whatever. All the opportunities were there. The team just didn't grab them.

Arkansas didn't gain a first down in the fourth quarter until the final drive after the team had fallen behind. Arkansas led going into the fourth quarter 27-21, and had two possessions with the lead, but went three-and-out both times. The first was a trio of Jonathan Williams carries, and the second was a pair of Alex Collins carries and a third down pass to Keon Hatcher. Both resulted in 4th-and-1s but Arkansas punted both times.

There will certainly be debate about whether those were the right calls, but I didn't have a problem with it. Arkansas pinned LSU's freshman quarterback Anthony Jennings at the one-yard the line with just over three minutes left. It's a situation that should be relatively safe for any team. But it wasn't. Arkansas didn't get much pressure on Jennings, and he was at midfield in just a few plays. Then on 3rd-and-10, Jennings threw a 49-yard bomb to a ridiculously wide open Travin Dural for the winning touchdown.

Brandon Allen completed one first down on the desperation drive, but on the third play, was hit and stripped from behind while running out of the pocket to end the season. But his numbers were decent today. He was 19-of-29 for 178 yards. He played well enough for Arkansas to win, even if he did show his arm strength wasn't what Arkansas needed it to be with two poorly thrown deep balls in the second quarter, one of which was intercepted. Some are still giving him the benefit of the doubt due to his shoulder injury, but who knows for sure. All we know is that the season is over and the quarterback position will be the most hotly debated topic of the off season. Wonder if spring practices will be open this year?

With the loss, Arkansas cemented the first 0-for-SEC season in team history, and will always be referred to in several "worst-of" Razorback lists. That may not be fair, considering the quality of competition Arkansas played this year, but the record books will always show 3-9, 0-8.

Who played well?

Keon Hatcher had 7 catches for 84 yards. He had no carries. Perhaps his trademark reverses would've been a nice mix-up during the fourth quarter three-and-outs instead of the vanilla runs up the middle by Williams and Collins.

Hunter Henry had 5 catches and the team's two passing touchdown receptions. It's his highest reception total since the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

Jonathan Williams had 58 yards on 13 carries. Honestly, would've liked to see him get a higher percentage of the team's carries. Collins struggled getting going today, with just 28 yards on 11 carries. Williams has steadily grown more impressive as the season went on. Sometimes it's hard to say if the coaches are more worried about balanced rushing attempts from them instead of adapting toward the one who's running better.

Korliss Marshall had three runs for 45 yards. Just one carry in the second half. Why he's used so sparingly is truly beyond me. I don't believe he ever saw the field at safety this season, so maybe they should have mixed him in at running back a little more often? He's clearly faster than both Williams and Collins.

And while we're on the running back topic, did Williams and Collins get on the field at the same time on a single play this year? It might be interesting to see the team show different looks and keep the opposing defense guessing a little if both of the two backs were on the field at the same time. Just a thought.

Javontee Herndon had two rushes for 50 yards, including a long run in the first half that set up a touchdown.

Zach Hocker made two field goals, setting the Arkansas record for made field goals in a career. Congrats to him. He's one of the ones we hate to see graduate, just like fellow senior Kiero Small, who scored the team's first touchdown.