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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Golden Boot Edition

News, notes and interesting reads for Hog fans. Get the Boot back.

ICYMI – Well... Today is the last Black Friday matchup between LSU and Arkansas in the foreseeable future, and it kind of saddens me. Nonetheless, these past Black Friday games have had some very memorable moments on both sides. The top 10 moments of the Battle for the Golden Boot were in Monday's links but I figured, what the heck? Watch it, get geared up for the game (maybe have a strong drink within reach), and prepare to bid farewell to this Thanksgiving weekend tradition.

Bazzel and The Boot – Since the two teams began playing for "The Boot" in 1996, LSU holds an 11-8 series lead. Former Arkansas player David Bazzel came up with the idea, presented it to Frank Boyles with the hopes that the teams would play for "The Boot," and it's stuck ever since. Even though the rivalry game won't be played on the day after Thanksgiving anymore, The Boot will be up for grabs each year when the two square off. Former LSU coach Gerry DiNardo once said of the trophy, "That may be the rivalry's biggest claim ... It wasn't a big deal."

Party Like it's 2007 – It's relatively safe to say that no one game Arkansas a chance to win in Baton Rouge in 2007. But Arkansas always had a chance with Darren McFadden on its side. Today, hardly anyone gives underdog Arkansas a chance despite the unpredictable nature of this game in the past. LSU isn't exactly the No. 1 team in the land, but the Hogs aren't exactly led by the likes of DMAC, Peyton Hillis and Felix Jones. It's a rivalry game, so discard team records and try to enjoy the ending of a fun era.

TDR/Traveler Weigh In on Rivalry – Brought to you by the student newspapers of LSU and University of Arkansas, The Daily Reveille and The Arkansas Traveler present a pair of fun reads for you before kickoff. The Daily Reveille bids farewell to the polarizing Friday matchup, and the Arkansas Traveler brings you the top 5 games in the history of the LSU-Arkansas rivalry. Enjoy the game, people. And Go Hogs!