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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: November 1, 2013 - Basketball And Auburn Previews

News, notes, and interesting reads from around the web.

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With basketball season unofficially kicking off tonight in Bud Walton with the first exhibition of the new season, it's time (actually, it's past time) to get familiar with this year's Razorback basketball teams. I've done a lot of writing recently for the Arkansas Traveler basketball preview, and have several articles that might be helpful in getting you set for another potentially exciting season. Here is a men's previewwomen's preview, a Michael Qualls feature, and my list of the top 5 players in the SEC for this season.

And to continue on the note of previews to get you all learned up, here is an in-depth look at everything related to the Auburn-Arkansas matchup Saturday. It's a very good read with lots of insight, and if you study up, you should feel comfortable playing offensive/defensive coordinator from the stands or the couch tomorrow.

Thank God October is over. Arkansas warmly welcomes in a new month after a crappy October that ended with 104 unanswered points, and three miserable losses. Will it continue this weekend against Auburn? Depends on who you ask. Auburn fans are extremely confident they'll see a blowout of Arkansas this weekend. Check out the message boards.

Similar to the Q&A session College and Mag and Arkansas Fight did this week, Auburn beat reporter Brandon Marcello shot some questions to Arkansas beat writer Tom Murphy of the ADG hoping to better understand the Hogs' struggles. Don't let the title of the article fool you, there are only four questions.

Gus Malzahn recently spoke on Auburn's Tiger Talk radio this week about his time in and at Arkansas, his fondest memories, and what to expect on Saturday. Some of his answers are interesting. For example, his fondest memory at Arkansas? "There are lots of great memories from high school." Really? That's what first comes to mind? High school days?