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New Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball Uniforms Make Their Debut


ArkRazorbacks YouTube Video

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We're getting to the beginning of basketball season and the Razorbacks added to the hype by releasing this video to debut the new uniforms for the new season.

The thing that stands out of course will be the black jerseys. I like them. It kind of reminds me of when the Chicago Bulls sometimes wear black jerseys. And there's red trim around the numbers and along the collar. I'm a fan.

And, yes, if you're wondering, Arkansas does have a history of some black in their basketball uniforms. Exhibit A:



There's no need for Exhibit B.

The other changes are the different colors on the collars and the designs within the jersey fabric. If you watch the video you can see them pretty clearly.

I like them. I think they're an overall improvement from the previous versions, which I though were bland.

Good work, everyone involved.

The first Razorback exhibition game is Friday night