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Feral Swine Headlines: Gauntlet Week Four- But It Wont Stop Here

It's not over yet. Here's what to watch for in this week's Feral Swine Headlines.

Wesley Hitt

It’s week seven. And it’s not over yet. If you thought to yourself last year "Well, it can't get any worse than this..." you're probably kicking yourself in the butt.

The Razorbacks sheepishly walk into Tuscaloosa tomorrow to end the dreaded four game gauntlet after quitting sometime in the first half last week ending the "rivalry" against the Gamecocks. But, if you haven’t figured it out by now, the "gauntlet" started after three cupcake opponents in weeks 1-3, and it likely won’t end until sometime in December.

Of course, there are some bright spots that have shone at times this year; Alex Collins, defensive front, etc.

I’m afraid to say, as if last week wasn’t dull and dim enough, things (in all likelihood) will be dark tomorrow. But you already knew that.

What we’re looking for tomorrow is fight from the Razorbacks, something there was little to none of last week. Another moral victory would be nice, but so far, there’s been more fight in the name of this site than in our beloved Razorbacks. On paper, obviously, Arkansas is outmatched…probably not just on paper.

That’s beside the point, though. The Hogs are still in contention for a bowl bid, which was a goal for many a fan when the season kicked off. They will likely be the underdog in each of their remaining games, but they only need three.

That being said, Arkansas needs to make a statement tomorrow. They owe it to the school and the fans, including the ones who left early so as not to see the dismantling of something they love. Give them a reason to stay and watch.

I don’t think the next step towards bowl eligibility is taken tomorrow, but if the Hogs put up a fight tomorrow, some confidence and excitement can be regenerated amongst the Arkansas faithful. Which, at this point, would be a victory in itself.

This is usually a weekly preview article on what to look for in the game, and I apologize if it was a little drab this week. If it looked like an upset last week, it looks God awful for the Hogs this week. I’d just like to see a little scrap is all, or read about it afterwards, anyway.

Kickoff is 6 CT on ESPN tomorrow night in Tuscaloosa. Take a shot for me.