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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: October 18, 2013 - Offense Preps For Alabama, Midseason Grades, More

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Wesley Hitt

The Arkansas offense is not changing anything. Yes, you read that right. The team that has been blanked in the final quarter in every game since Southern Miss, and had just 30 yards passing last week in a 45-point loss isn't changing anything offensively. Sounds like a fantastic plan as we head into No. 1 Alabama this weekend, don't you think? Brandon Allen remains the quarterback for Bret Bielema, which is OK by me, but after the last few performances on offense, you'd think something had to give.

What units on the Arkansas football team you've been impressed with thus far? To me, the running backs have been very solid, quarterback play needs to improve, and the linebackers haven't been great, but haven't been terrible at the same time. Just over the midway point in the season, Bleacher Report handed out Arkansas' midterm grade reports for each unit thus far. Coaches were also graded as a whole. The areas that need improvement are blaring, and will go a long way in having any future success.

For Arkansas fans, this part is no fun. The week 8 predictions are here, and the Hogs head into Tuscaloosa big underdogs. 28.5 points worth of underdog, to be exact. But to be honest, we expected as much. Who knows, this could be the game Arkansas surprises us (Or did we use that card in the Texas A&M game?). Truly, 28.5 points is a lot of points, but you'd be smart to take Bama and the points here.

Head coach Mike Anderson and forward Coty Clarke represented the Arkansas men's basketball team at SEC Media Days Thursday in Birmingham. Basketball season is in full swing now and I'm psyched. Practice has been going for nearly two weeks, and the first exhibition is just two weeks away. Mike Anderson and Coty Clarke each spoke about the teams expectations for the season and the counseling the team did to help build team chemistry. (Note: I've been told Michael Qualls has been tearing it up in practice shooting the ball.)