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Florida's Damien Jacobs Says Arkansas Offensive Line Is "Dirty" - Especially Travis Swanson

Bret Bielema's a thug. And Jen Bielema's throwing gang signs. And now the Arkansas offensive line is dirty, especially Remington Award candidate Travis Swanson. It's all becoming routine.

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We know Florida is one of the teams that still plays Real American Football, and the battle in the trenches is going to be intense.

The Gators have been putting time in the film room, and one of the things defensive tackle Damien Jacobs learned is that apparently the Razorback offensive line is a little dirty.

"They're real physical," nose tackle Damien Jacobs said. "I think they're a little chippy. They're a little dirty. So we're going to have to be ready for it all this week."

Jacobs singled out preseason All-SEC center Travis Swanson as a main offender of playing to the whistle - and beyond.

"I just see, from film, a lot of stuff after the play, especially with the center, No. 64," Jacobs said. "He’s a good athlete after the play. He makes you want to do something to him.


"We’re gonna have to try to keep our temper and keep cool on that." Asked how to maintain composure, sophomore defensive lineman Jon Bullard said, "You just go out and talk with your pads."


"They gonna definitely try to come out and establish their will," Jacobs said. "We’ve gotta strap it up this week. It’s gonna be fun."

Here's the SB Nation write-up on the story.

You want to talk about dirty? We haven't talked enough about this:

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Yes, that's real dirty. Downright filthy. Go ahead, watch it again.