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Bovada Lists Arkansas at 100/1 Odds To Win 2013 BCS National Championship

Now's the time to win your fortune.


I'm on record as stating I'd be happy with bowl eligibility next season, but, hey 100/1 odds is a good value bet. Or not. Especially when most of the Razorbacks' schedule is given higher odds of winning the title. Here's the list, courtesy of Bovada, of Arkansas' opponents or other SEC teams with odds:

  • Alabama has the best chance at 5/1
  • LSU and Texas A&M are at 12/1
  • Florida has 14/1
  • South Carolina is at 25/1
  • Georgia at 28/1
  • Mississippi State at 50/1
  • Wisconsin (since we're now interested in Wisconsin) is at 50/1
  • Tennessee and Rutgers both join Arkansas at 100/1
  • Auburn at 200/1
  • Missouri at 250/1

I was somewhat surprised not to see Ole Miss on the list considering the year the Rebels just had. Of course, just because they're not on the list doesn't mean their odds are worse than Missouri's. It just means they weren't included on this list. I'm also surprised Georgia is that low considering Aaron Murray is coming back. That's a good early value bet I think.

Anywho, I'm all about betting on some longshots, but I don't think I'll be betting on Arkansas this season. However, I'm very interested to see the over/unders when they come out this spring.