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Joe Johnson Turns Chris Bosh Into a Bowling Ball

You can hear Bosh in his best Homer Simpson voice, "Doh!"
You can hear Bosh in his best Homer Simpson voice, "Doh!"

Former Razorback Joe Johnson made one of Miami's Big 3 look silly tonight. Johnson charged right and Bosh thought he would continue to the rim. Not so fast. Johnson pulled up and went behind his legs,forcing Bosh to imitate a bowling ball into teammate Udonis Haslem.

In other angles you can see my favorite part a little more clearly: Haslem pushes Bosh off of him after the play is over as if to say, "You fool." Also watch Johnson's Nets teammates.

Though fun to watch, tonight's crossover had nothing on one from earlier this season though. What Johnson did to Paul Pierce earlier was nasty. He left Pierce look like an old man trying to slap the floor a la Duke's Jason Williams. I don't know how Johnson dribbled the ball that many times, composed himself, and got a shot off, much less made it.

Johnson Pierce GIF

After the link I shared earlier today and now putting this up, it may seem as I have this weird thing going for Joe Johnson. As of late you could say I do. I'm a Georgia resident (and closet Hawks fan) and have the tough job of defending Johnson because he was never accused of being too friendly to the city and seemed happy to head to Brooklyn. However, as an Arkansas fan I am glad to see him having success as member of the Nets.

One thing is certain, Johnson has handles.


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