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Sausage Links - January 30, 2013

Recruiting, Tyler Wilson at the Senior Bowl, Food and Rankings

Mike Zarrilli

College Football's National Signing day is a week away. There are still players who are on the fence as to where they will spend there college years. Arkansas is still in the need of a big-time running back. Alex Collins could fill that need but it will be a fight. It appears the choice will be between Arkansas and Miami. It will be hard to pull a Florida kid out of the state, but Coach Bielema and his staff have made a major push for his talents. Bruce Feldman from CBS Sports breaks down the top-10 recruiting battles left for this recruiting season.

Bret Bielema's first recruiting class for Arkansas isn't highly ranked at the moment, but you also have to remember he has only had two months to recruit for the Razorbacks. He has been flying everywhere from Florida to Hawaii. Whether or not his efforts pay off this year, it does, give hope for the years to come. He has been sitting in the living rooms with top recruits and their families trying to make a push and has done well. He was able to flip Dan Skipper and pull in Reeve Koehler, both have extremely high ceilings. Next year is when Hog fans should get really excited to see what the coaching staff will be able to put together with a full year. Here is a look at the current status of this year's SEC recruiting from

Former Arkansas Quarterback Tyler WIlson showed off his talent last week at the Senior Bowl. He didn't have the greatest game; Wilson completed 8 of 11 passes, but only for 40 yards. He was the talk of the town during practices though. He caught up with Bo Mattingly last week for in interview. Logan WIlson at has the interview.

This really doesn't have much to do with sports, but I am hungry. Jason Kirk of SB Nation is doing a polling tournament to find the best food chain approved by college football fans. If I'm voting I'm going with either Waffle House or Five Guys. I could eat at either of those places every day. I might gain 200 pounds, but I am pretty sure it would be worth it. Who doesn't love Waffle Houses double Texas cheese steak with hash browns smothered covered and chunked. If you don't know what that means go do yourself a favor and write it down and get to the fastest Waffle House around you.

If you are looking at early college football rankings and don't understand why people are ranked where they are; or you need help making your own rankings can help you. The website has a system that can be helpful when making or looking at early rankings. I have to admit he is pretty spot on.