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Hog Trough Fancast #44 - Same Ole Show

I wish I could say that the Razorbacks were having a page turner of a basketball season, but it seems like we're watching the same SAW movie we saw the last several years.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Another disappointing week to be an Arkansas Razorback basketball fan. It feels like the same story being re-written each and every week for all of our disappointments.

This week's fancast tries to dive into what's wrong with Coach Mike Anderson's team. Are we cursed? Also, baseball, Tyler Wilson, Cobi Hamilton, Altee Tenpenny, and some more things get discussed by three Hog fans.

Here are some of the things we discuss on this week's podcast:

  • Arkansas basketball. What else needs to be said?
  • Football recruiting weekend in Fayetteville. Take 2.
  • Random Buzz bashing
  • Tyler Wilson has small hands, apparently.
  • Adam thinks one highly-regarded recruit is trolling us all. WWE Style!

Recorded Saturday, January 26, 2013.

Plus, tweets of the week and a whole lot more. This is the Hog Trough Fancast.

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