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Marshawn Powell's Spectacular Poster Dunk Against Mississippi State

Arkansas' star forward makes the most memorable play of the night. Even if it was wiped away from the record book as a bogus offensive foul, it was one of the most awesome charges ever.

Poor Tyson Cunningham.

The Razorbacks were beginning to make the game a blowout when this play happened early in the second half. It was a work of art. It even had the Mississippi State fan sitting behind me saying he'd buy the poster. That it was called a charge is a true basketball travesty. Thankfully, BJ Young righted the wrong with a breakaway dunk of his own a couple of plays later, albeit with no Bulldogs underneath him.

As a big fan of Razorback basketball, I've watched most of the games Marshawn Powell has played in Fayetteville, and I never remember him pulling off a play like this. If he has, please share it, but Powell to my knowledge has never been known much for being a high-flyer. Perhaps he's adding it to his arsenal along with the three-point shot he's developed this season.

Thanks to the SEC Digital Network for posting the video.