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Recruiting: Hunter Henry and Drew Morgan Reaffirm Arkansas Commitment After Official Visit

Razorback fans probably weren't terribly worried about losing commitments from these two in-state prospects, but it's always good to get the "No, seriously, I'm definitely coming here!"

Hunter Henry practicing for the Under Armour All-American Game
Hunter Henry practicing for the Under Armour All-American Game
Bill Elliott/SB Nation Recruiting

Arkansas doesn't produce a ton of SEC-level football talent, but keeping those that can play at home has always been an important factor in Arkansas' more successful teams.

With so much recent transition in Arkansas' coaching staff, especially the loss of noted in-state recruiter Tim Horton to Auburn, it was unknown to what extent the impact would be on Arkansas' current commit list. Auburn reportedly made a push for Little Rock tight end Hunter Henry and Greenwood receiver Drew Morgan, but it appears to be a failed attempt. Both of the Arkansas stand-outs reaffirmed their pledges to Arkansas via twitter over the last couple of days:

Malzahn and Horton will surely continue to attempt to snag recruits out of Arkansas in years to come, something Malzahn had some success doing while Bobby Petrino was at the helm of the Razorback program. But by all accounts, Bret Bielema will be able to provide Arkansas high schoolers with a more, let's say welcoming presence that may be more appealing. It will be an interesting storyline to follow in the future.