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Sausage Links - January 18, 2013

Recruiting, Coaching Staff, Basketball, and more


Bielema has put together a heck of a staff and they have an insane amount of accomplishments between them. has put together the list of accomplishments between the coaches. If you have any reservations about the staff's coaching abilities, take a look at the list - it should give any fan reassurance..

Bielema and Track Coach Chris Bucknam double-teamed in order to get the services of recruit Devon Allen. Allen, a wide receiver, has incredible speed and hopes to be a two-sport athlete in college. The two coaches visited Allen this past week in hopes of gaining some ground on him. For more information on the visit, check out Richard Davenport's article for

The college football recruiting season is in full gear. If you haven't been paying attention, Bud Elliott has a great write up for SB Nation on the top classes and the top recruits. There are one or two players on the list that the Hogs are still after. They may be long shots, but just like a great man once said, "So your telling me there's a chance."

The Razorback basketball team will have its hands full time Saturday afternoon when they travel to Oxford to take on Ole Miss. Ole Miss has been playing well this season and have a 14-2 overall record.The Hogs have been, to put it nicely, below average in road games. Marshawn Powell and BJ Young will both need to play well and the bench will need to find success. has a preview of the game.

The 2013 college football schedule has some good match-ups, strange ones, and some that are just head scratchers. Jason Kirk of SB Nation has put together a list of some interesting 2013 games.