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What Do We Expect From Coach Bielema?

Wesley Hitt

The 2012 College Football Season was a week in the record books as of last Monday. For Hog fans, you can say the season, depending upon your degree of doom, was over after the LSU game, after the prospect of bowl eligibility was lost, after the ULM game, after Bobby Petrino was fired and John L. Smith was hired, and of course, after that fateful April the first motorcycle ride. But with a new coach now in place and his staff shaping up and national signing day less than a month away, I think we all are looking ahead more to 2013 and the years of the Bret Bielema era that will follow. With that in mind, I present to you today's poll question.Given the conference we are in, our own history as a program, the new format coming in 2014, Bielema's strengths and weaknesses, what would constitute success at Arkansas under Bielema once his coaching tenure is over at Arkansas?

I'll go ahead and show my cards. I think he has to win an SEC Championship at some point to cross from doing well at Arkansas to being truly successful here. Yeah, we have some Western Division trophies, but in this league, you don't truly measure success by those. You need the trophy that they give out in Atlanta to truly say your program has arrived. And so I think Coach Bielema needs to bring one back to Fayetteville to say that he truly has arrived in the SEC. That he left the relative comfort of the Big Ten for the bigger challenge of winning a championship in the SEC tells me that he isn't afraid of the challenge. You gotta like that.