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93.3 FM In Little Rock Is Now 24-Hour Sports Station

KKSP replacing political talk with sports. Can it compete with The Buzz?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

As of January 10th, 93.3 FM (KKSP) in Little Rock is replacing political talk radio with a mix of local sports programming and Fox Sports Radio to become a 24-hour sports station.

The station had began mixing sports into their lineup in recent months with Wess Moore and Michael Smith's show, which now airs from 11-2 weekdays, and in December added Bo Mattingly's show, which airs from 2-6 pm.

For basically the last decade, 103.7 The Buzz has been the dominant sports talk radio channel in Arkansas, featuring local programming all day. There have been few challengers, and one of the more successful ones is currently in interim status after Shawn Arnell and Wally Hall left their show last year after a 5 year run.

But it appears Little Rock sports fans (and, really, everybody now that basically every radio station is available via Internet streaming or mobile app) are going to have more options for local sports talk during the day, or at least the afternoon since KKSP does not yet have a local morning show lined up. If KKSP does get a morning show going, then it will be interesting to see how the two stations do against each other all day long.

The political shows that were on 93.3 can now be found on 96.5 FM (KTHE).