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Wall Street Journal: Arkansas Football is the 14th Most Valuable

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent article posted to the The Wall Street Journal website, Arkansas was named the 14th most valuable major-conference college football program.

The worth of each program is represented by what the football program would be worth if it could be bought and sold like a professional franchise.

Although Texas' value dropped by 5%, the Longhorns were atop the rankings with a worth of $761.7 million. To put this into perspective, the Jacksonville Jaguars recently last year for around $760 million. Michigan's worth rose by 18% to $731.9 million in the last year. Florida is the highest SEC school at number three on the list.

Seven of the top 15 and five of the top 10 were SEC schools: Florida (No. 3), Auburn (No. 6), Georgia (No. 7), Alabama (No. 8), LSU (No. 9)at least Auburn is better than Alabama in one thing. To no one's surprise, the Mississippi schools were at the bottom in terms of SEC rank: Ole Miss (No. 49), Mississippi State (No. 55).

Notice also where Wisconsin is when compared to Arkansas. Bret Bielema jumped up three spots and $36 million with his most recent move, for assistant coaches of course.