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Sausage Links - January 10, 2013

Track and Field, Katherine Webb, the next great thing in college football (maybe)

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Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Damn Damn Damn. Last night The Hogs couldn't shoot the ball at all, but guess who did? Former Razorback and current Butler Bulldog Rotnei Clarke. He hit 6 threes and scored 28 points to beat St. Josephs. We sure could have used that kind of effort last night. Clarke is having a solid season for Butler and is showing that he hasn't forgotten how to make it rain from behind the 3-point-line. Good job Rotnei. Are you sure you don't want to come back? David Cassilo of SB Nation has a wrap-up of Clarke's game.

The Razorback basketball game last night was down-right terrible. Shaq could have made more free-throws than our entire team did. Texas A&M should have used a hack-a-hog and they could have won by way more. Don't worry fans, if you want to see a competitive Razorback team this weekend you will have a chance. No I am not talking about the basketball team. The number 1 ranked Arkansas Track and Field team will be taking on number 3 Texas at Randal Tyson Track Center and it is only $5 to get in the gate. So go show your support. Here is a look at the Hogs first track meet of the season by Zach Lawson at

If you watched the BCS Championship game Monday night then you know the best part of the game were the shots of Katherine Webb in the stands. Webb is the girlfriend of Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron. She is smoking hot. If you don't believe me just ask Brent Musburger. If you can't wait til next season to see more pictures of her in the stands, don't worry, there are multiple items of hers that you can buy on ebay. Thanks to Chris Chase from USA Today Sports, you can buy the six best Katherine Webb items on ebay. A special thanks the Mr. SEC for the link. I like the refrigerator magnet, so don't outbid me.

Remember this name, Ryan Potter, he will be in New York for the Heisman Trophy one day. Have I ever seen him play a game? Nope. After watching his highlight film though I know that talent like this only comes once in a lifetime. The Kid is intense and plays with a big heart. I just hope his skill level will rise to meet his ambition. Here is the highlight tape that coaches are drooling over all across the country. Thanks to Jason Kirk at SB for the video.