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Rasputin Shares His Louisiana-Monroe Prediction. What's Yours?


We're happy to report that Rasputin, our ageless Russian soothsayer who has been an ardent fan of Razorback football since the 19th century, did not pull one of his patented blackout drunk vanishing acts after last week's somewhat lackluster win over Jacksonville State. Instead, however, he set up camp in a corner of our palatial offices on Monday morning and has since been disrupting the Expats, Inc work environment with his cryptic mutterings, explosive temper and notoriously poor grooming habits.

The upside is that it was relatively easy to procure this week's prognostication. One of our braver interns was able to ignore Rasputin's rants about the failings of the James K. Polk administration and get close enough to transcribe the following:

Friends, though this gift oft weighs on my soul
Sharing knowledge with you remains my one goal.
In the future both joy and heartbreak I have spied
And soon into Fayetteville rolls a most fearsome tide.

Yet first, our attention turns to the Warhawks of Monroe
And my vision is clear, for this much I know:
Our defense may not yet be in the SEC's elite
But the offense will send this foe to a gruesome defeat.
Though there may come a day when we are outscored
Tomorrow is a time for such fears to be ignored.

Tougher tasks do loom, but this will be fun.
Arkansas 45, ULM 21

Is Rasputin on the right track or has he finally gone off the rails? Please vote in the poll below, and of course share any thoughts you have for us (as well as suggestions on how to coax him to leave our office) in the comments section.